MTC Services

MTC Services

The main services provided by the Manufacturing Technologies Centre (MTC) are the provision of advice, information, brokerage and referrals to connect businesses and researchers.

The state-of-the-art display system which allows a visual demonstration of the technologies, current uses and opportunities.

Services provided directly by the MTC either on site or at the company’s facility will be free of charge to South Australian businesses.

The centre will not directly fund the purchase of new equipment or associated adoption costs; however the centre will be able to advise companies of any available state and federal grant programs which the business may be able to apply for.

In all its services and activities, the MTC will act as an independent, honest broker in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the company.

Initially, the centre will focus on six priority technologies.

  1. Additive manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing comprises the group of technologies that rapidly manufacture a 3D object layer by layer from a 3D image or data file.

  2. Advanced materials

    At its simplest, advanced materials refers to materials that have been designed to have superior functionality, performance and value.

  3. Photonics

    There are three key technology platforms using light lasers, data transfer and advanced sensing.

  4. Robotics and Automation

    Advanced robotics refers to robots with enhanced sensors, dexterity and intelligence. Automation technologies describes processes performed without human intervention.

  5. Digital technology / Internet of things

    The term ‘Digital Tech’ is used to describe the use of digital resources to effectively find, analyse, create, communicate and use information in a digital context.


    Data itself is not inherently valuable. Value is created by working with it to innovate, invent, change business processes and enhance decision-making.