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The Manufacturing Technologies Centre assists companies to understand new technologies, explores what they mean for their business and investigates how companies can adopt the technologies.

The Manufacturing Technologies Centre (MTC) assists businesses in South Australia to understand advanced technologies, and accelerate their adoption as well as facilitate access for SMEs to researchers in the manufacturing technologies areas in South Australia, nationally and globally.

The Manufacturing Technologies Centre provides advice, information, brokerage and referrals to connect businesses and researchers.


The three main principles of MTC:

  1. Understand

    Help you understand the technology, advantages, opportunities and challenges it brings.

  2. Explore

    Help you explore the technology and how you can adopt it.

  3. Adopt

    Help you adopt the technology into your business by connecting you to key businesses and researchers.

Manufacturing Technology Centre

Providing interactive ways for partners to connect, learn and collaborate across key technology domains.

We will explore additive manufacturing, advanced materials, photonics, robotics and automation, digital technologies and big data.

MTC operates 4 1/2 days per week with drop in sessions, as well as appointments to allow for more in-depth conversations and company visits.